Wedding Dance Instruction

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the funnest traditions at modern wedding receptions is the “first dance”, where the newlyweds dance for the first time as husband and wife. Many couples take it a step further by taking dance lessons and performing a specially choreographed routine to a song that has special meaning for them.

Why choose us?

Because, unlike many other studios who may hire inexperienced people off the street to become dance instructors, our instructors have decades of experience, and they are experts at giving you a beautiful routine, that you can execute smoothly, and a style that compliments your music and conveys the story that you want to tell. Moreover, we guarantee that the choreography will be finished within the first few lessons, so that your last lessons are spent polishing your routine so that you won’t stress about it on your big day.


Try to have a song picked out ahead of time, if you can. If not, we can assist you with finding a song that fits your love story and taste. You can get some ideas by following us on Pinterest.


If you wish to take private lessons to learn a special routine, we believe that 10 lessons are the minimum that wedding couples should take in order to look their best on the dance floor.


The Duke and Duchess 10 private lessons for $700

The Crown Prince and Princess 15 private lessons for $1,000

The King and Queen 20 private lessons for $1,300

*Pricing is based on lessons being taught at the current locations where we teach. Prices may increase, if the instructor needs to travel to another studio or the wedding venue.

Other Wedding Dance Options We Teach:

Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, Wedding-Party dances

Here is an article written by one of our students, that we feel expresses our philosophy and offers our best advice as you plan your wedding dance:

Best Wedding Dance Tips

As any avid dancer will tell you, whenever you have a spare moment, you feel the urge to practice or schedule a lesson, because you’re addicted; however, like any typical Saturday afternoon, today the parkway was jammed for no apparent reason, so here I was again, having to call my instructor to let him know I was running late.